Meall Glas and Sgiath Chuil

21 Oct

Gallery a manual edit after posterous import.



Another nice walk today, at the start it looked like the sun was going to break through. It did but only by the time I was coming down, the tops covered with cloud.

A fair number of red deer about and many ravens croaking in and out of the clouds.

iPhone photos above and canon, mostly at max zoom below. Seem to be in reverse order.


Ben Challum

16 Oct

A new walk for me yesterday. Beautiful day with great views of Crianlarich and Ben Lui munros on the way up. Little in the way of wildlife in evidence. A few deer roaring the the extreem distance and the odd raven’s croak. 

Ben Each and Stuc a’ Chroin again

7 Oct


I went back over this walk today. Glorious weather, a touch of frost and completely clear sky in the morning. The hills were fulll of the sounds of roaring Stags and I think there must have been hundreds of deer between Ben Each and Stuc a’ Chroin.

Lots of harems with stags parading around and chasing rivals I got good, if distant views of the goings on especially from the summit of Stuc where I ate lunch and peered through my wee monocular . Lots of ravens too.

Loch Humphrey & Duncolm

29 Sep

Whangie Evening

17 Sep

The nights are getting shorted here. Last evening/late afternoon I went for a quick walk round the Whangie.
The weather was decidedly changeable, poured with rain on the drive, Glasgow looked covered with rain while the Loch had a bright blue sky.


Just past the Whangie itself there was a group of Ravens enjoying the wind, catching the lift and then folding their wings to dive.
There seems to be some forestry work going on around the path and hill. I guess that will mean a lot less grouse, which I’ll miss watching.


Meall an Fhudair Again

17 Sep

Last Week I though I’d take another walk to Meall an Fhudair. Weather wise not the best day, some fairly unpleasant wind and sleet for a while.
Instead of going to Beinn Damhain after Meall an Fhudair, I returned viaI’ll be going back as there would be some great views on a clear day. No eagle this time but I saw a nice bunch of ptarmigan on Troisgeach.

ipadio: An Invite To EDUtalk At SLF 2012

15 Sep

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